C-RISe (Coastal Risk Information Service) will deliver, through an international partnership with Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa; access to satellite-derived data on sea level, wind speed and wave heights.

The goal is to enable stakeholders to use this information to improve socio-economic resilience to coastal hazards associated with sea level changes such as inundation, floods, storm damage, wetland loss, habitat change, coastal erosion and saltwater intrusion.

C-RISe is funded by the UK Space Agency (UKSA) under the International Partnership Programme, delivers information on sea level trends at the coast, enabled by recent advances in coastal altimetry data processing. C-RISe will expand this service to provide additional data sets (wind and wave climatologies), and increased temporal and spatial coverage; 24 years of previously unavailable satellite observations, over the regional area of Mozambique, Madagascar and South Africa.

Project impact will be assessed using a pre-identified set of use cases, each led by a different project partner, and through the delivery of hands-on training and use case coaching. This is designed to embed the skills needed to work with satellite data into the partner organisations for the long term. C-RISe will demonstrate the value that satellite data can bring to regions with sparse in-situ observations, and provide the skills to adopt space technology for more effective coastal management and positive socio-economic development. Project funded by UKSA under the International Partnership Programme (IPP).

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