C-RISe is providing the following satellite data sets to its partners to support the Use Case applications

  • Near Real Time Satellite Measurements of Ocean Winds, Waves and Surface Currents, accessible on a demonstration web page
  • Historical Climatologies of Ocean Winds, Waves and Surface Currents
  • Along-track Satellite Altimeter data, reprocessed by NOC, in Coastal Geophysical Data Records, and time series at nominal points on the satellite track
  • Tide Gauge data selected to support validation and seasonal analyses

The data sets are summarised in the table below and fully described in the Data Specification Document.

The data sets are available on request to info@satoc.eu, or through a data portal developed by CSIR.

Software resources for processing / visualising the data are also available on the training pages.

Parameter Description Time coverage Satellites

Total Water Level Envelope, significant wave height, surface radar backscatter

Along track data from the NOC coastal processor


Jason-1, Jason-2, Jason-3

Significant Wave Height and Wind Speed Climatologies

Monthly, 1° × 1° gridded climatologies, sourced from Globwave


ERS-1, ERS-2, Envisat, Topex, Jason-1, 2,3

Significant Wave Height, wind speed

Near Real Time along track data

Daily updated


Wind speed and wind direction

Near Real Time data across scatterometer swath (25km resolution)

Daily updated

Metop/ ASCAT-A

Surface Currents

Daily updated and archived , 0.25° × 0.25° global grid, sourced from Globcurrent

Daily updated and archived (2002–2016)